#12DaysofaShortStory Challenge – Day 2

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Here we go with Day 2 of the #12DaysofaShortShort Challenge. Wait…before you read, make sure you’re caught up from yesterday. Check out Day 1 here.

His two-way radio goes off in the background and I hear muffled sounds of “2-11” and then another man’s voice answers the call. I should have been able to hear the full message seeing the silence I was pouring through the phone.

Jealously has never been my strong suit, especially not in my friendships. I’m okay with sharing friends as long as their friend understand that I’m the top friend. Better than a bestie or BFF, I’m the ride or run chick. I ain’t dying for anyone and my real friends wouldn’t want me to either.

“Hello,” he broke our silence.

I lie. “My bad, I got caught in the upcoming season 8 Game of Thrones trailer.” This was a great lie seeing that he knows my utter passion for my khaleesi Daenerys.

I tried to fight against the jealousy. “So, when did you and Rachelle start talking back?” My eyes rolls waiting on the date.

“What!? I don’t talk to her no more. She’s a thot.”

I know, right!? We’ll if it wasn’t her then who.

“Who are you talking about then?”

He chuckled a little. “It’s someone I’ve known for a long time. She’s been under my nose the whole time.”

“Really!?” My mind went blank. I looked to the sky outside for help with my memory. Soft white clouds made their way over my duplex as I raced through my mind about our friends.

We’ve known Mandy since freshman year in college. She’s cool, but she’s not his type. She’s the type that when you walk into a room you know she is there not by her style or grace but by her big mouth.

Angie is cute. She’s on the short side but his 6-foot 3-inch self hasn’t discriminated against that before. She’s smart too, books smart at least. Street smart not so much. I’ll never forget that one time she was in the city, the wrong part of the city where I told her to take her purse inside and not just her wallet and she called me a racist for making accusations about the areas. I told her I’m not racist I just know my people and the area. Of course we when come back from the club, not only was her car broken into but the trunk was up and the rear tires were gone. But she’s cute.

“Yeah,” he continued. “I told you don’t judge me.”

I was far from judging him, I just wanted answers.

“I’m not judging you man. I’m glad you’ve finally found love. Is it someone I know?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

It’s definitely Angie.

“Well, does she know yet?” I’m not sure when’s the last time he saw her but it’s been a few weeks since we had our Friday Night out at Shabazz’s, the local jazz spot.

“Naw, because I wonder if she feels the same way too. You know I don’t like looking dumb.” Typical guy answer but it’s understandable. I wouldn’t want to put my heart out there before I knew that the feel was close to mutual. I remember that one time I did put myself out there. It was to Cameron “My Ego is bigger than my penis” Michaels.

To be continued…tomorrow.


12 Days of a Short Story Challenge

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

It’s the season for giving so I’m kicking off my 12 days of a Short Story series. I’m going to write my short fiction story over these next 12 days. My goal is to give you 200-500 words each day, all the way up to Christmas day. This is all organic, in the moment, literally, not planned in any way (so please forgive the typos you may see :). This is a challenge for me to get back into a creative writing habit before the New Year.

Want to join me!? Drop your blog below in the comments and I’ll follow you to stay up on your story and keep you accountable too. Alrighty! On to Day 1. #12DaysofaShortStory #KeepUpWithDNC

The Season for Living

Snow danced with the wind to the rhythm of the sun’s heartbeat. It was a beautiful sight and my slight jealous took me away from my own tango.

He was a longtime friend, turned short-term lover and I prayed we hadn’t messed it up forever. The brotherly type who was there when my ex tried to put his hands on me. The friend who helped with my car when my father was too busy with his other kids. The son who’s head I patted on my shoulder at his mother’s funeral.

I thought out journey was filled with only high-fives and bear hugs, not deep kisses and smooth touches. But I’m thankful. I asked God for the one but Santa left him on my doorstep. Maybe Santa was truly an angel too.

Who knew that love would come from a phone call from the Cobb County Police department the night before Christmas?

The phone only rang once before I answered it and I knew exactly who it was. Cade had to work that night since he was the youngest on the squad. The double-edged sword in being a rookie but the fittest officer on the squad. He always called when things were slow which made me smile since I knew he wasn’t in danger.

I pick up. “What’s going on Cade Day?” That’s the nickname our group of friends gave him because of his motto: Any day was a great day if it’s a Cade Day. Which was for the most part right.

“Nothing much Tee Top,” which was a nickname that he gave me as a play on my first and last name – Teanna Thompson.

“What do you want?” I jokily urged him to get to the point. He normally told me about how the night was going. How someone used a ridiculous excuse to get out of a ticket or something. He once told me about this guy who was not only speed but of course drunk and his excuse was that the wind was helping to sober him up as he drove so he had to go fast. People are so reckless.

“Man, it’s like that now.”

“No, you know I’m joking. How are you though?”

“I’m good. I’ve just been thinking.” His voice tapers down like something is wrong.

“What’s wrong. What happened.”

“Nothing’s wrong for real. I’ve just been thinking.” His thoughts were never all over the place. He was a strategist by nature so I knew something must have been eating him up to make him so down.

“Alright man. Tell me or do I need to come out there and find you?”His laughed opened the door some. He paused and took a breath.

“Look don’t judge me but, I think I’m in love.”

“What the…” I caught myself. Who the hell was this broad? He hasn’t told me about anyone lately. I mean yay there was that thotty ass hot Rachelle but I thought she was out of his system. I feel a fire growing inside but not in a good way. A green fire that I have to hide for now.

To be continued tomorrow…

A Thanksgiving Love Note: Love’s Blessing


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Like. Love. Lust. is a story told through prose, sonnets, narratives, and long-form stanzas, speak to the beauty in discovering each emotion, and battle with the complexities of their natural course, also known as human nature.


Take a NaNoWriMo Break with Me!

Sometimes you literally have to stop and smell the roses or take in the sunrise, or people watch in the city, or whatever musing fits your mood.

Life doesn’t stop moving but we can take a moment, or two, to take it all in. Musing for me is much like meditating and reflection. I’m able to breathe in where I am or where I’m going and exhale where I’ve been and what I’ve learned. I analyze what I see and how it may or may not affect me and I reflect on what I’ve seen and how different things are now.

On my channel, I’m putting together several moments of musing where I hope you can stop and enjoy the view with me.


I know we are on Day 14 of NaNoWriMo, and you have a word count to hit but why don’t you take a moment to muse just a little bit. Step outside, look out the window or click on the video above. Take it all in to get even more creativity out.

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